Northeast begins dig-out after deadly snowstorm, thousands without power

11 February 2013 in General

The Northeast was once again hit by a storm like no one has seen before.  The winter storm dropped three feet of wet snow causing 15 deaths and about 650,000 people to be without power.  The storm came on so quickly many motorists became stuck on the highway.  Airports were back up and running on Saturday and mail service will resume Monday where is it safe to do so.

More than 220,000 homes and businesses remain remained without power Sunday as the U.S. Northeast and Canada dug out from a blizzard that dumped up to 3 feet (a meter) of snow on the most densely populated part of the region. The death toll was at 15.

Some motorists had to be rescued after spending hours stuck in wet, heavy snow. Utilities in some hard-hit New England states predicted that the storm could leave some customers in the dark at least until Tuesday. About 650,000 lost power in eight states at the height of the storm.

“We’ve never seen anything like this,” said county official Steven Bellone of New York’s Long Island, where hundreds of drivers had been caught on highways by Friday’s fast-moving storm. Local police said Sunday that all known abandoned cars were searched and no one needing medical help was found. . .  Continue Reading

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11 February 2013 General

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