Hurricane Sandy Car Wrecks Reconditioned by European Gangs

15 March 2013 in General

Currently there are 12,000 hurricane totaled and reconditioned cars on Swedish roads that would not legally be allowed on roads in the United States.  Criminal organizations are making big money buying U.S. totaled cars and reconditioning them and reselling them in the European market.  When an air bag didn’t deploy in a recent accident investigators opened it up and found old shoes and a shirt as filler.  These cars are not safe and buyers need to be aware.

In Sweden, an estimated 12,000 drivers are getting around in reconditioned wrecks from hurricanes and other natural disasters, and many of them don’t even know it. Criminal organizations are making big money in this potentially lethal business.

Carfax, a company that provides prospective buyers with history reports on used vehicles, traced a vehicle that had crashed in Sweden back to the United States. It was ruined in Hurricane Sandy, considered totaled, and sold at an auction, but it was hard to trace its movement between that point and the crash.
The car’s airbag did not release upon impact; when local police in Sweden opened the airbag compartment, “It just had a pair of shoes and a T-shirt in it as filler,” said Hakan Lindberg of Carfax’s Swedish branch.

Many such demolished cars are now shipped over to Lithuania, according to Lindberg. . . Continue Reading.

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15 March 2013 General

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