HealthCompare is an Alternative to State Regulated Health Insurance Exchanges to be Mandated by the Affordable Care Act

30 November 2012 in General

States are still deciding whether or not they are having their own health insurance exchange or falling under the federal government exchange.  Regardless if your state has its own or not all citizens will be required to buy health insurance, under the new law.  An alternative to the government exchanges is HealthCompare, a nationally recognized health insurance comparison site.  It works with brokers and carriers to help individuals and families easily research, compare, buy and enroll in the right insurance plan at the right price for them.

The Department of Health and Human Services extends the deadline for the Obamacare health insurance exchanges for states so that they may decide their intentions for the exchanges – if they decide to take part at all.

With the tit for tat still going on, it’s unclear whether or not states will be opting into the exchanges program. The President is asking the states to take on their own exchanges with the clause that policies offered will still be at the mercy of approval from the federal exchange.

Many states do not want to take part in the state-mandated exchange because it will mean costs ranging from $10 to $100 Million per year to maintain. In addition to the deep expenses, their exchanges will have to answer to higher powers leaving them essentially powerless in their own right. . . Continue Reading

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30 November 2012 General

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