Auto Accident Research

5 February 2014 in General

Using Cell Phones for Calls Causes a Fourth of Auto Accidents

A new report in the British Medical Journal says that 25% of auto accidents in the US are caused by people talking on cell phones. Barry Pless wrote the report. Pless does say that texting is a larger issue but that talking is also dangerous.

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Read more from Examiner:

Barry Pless, Professor Emeritus at McGill University in Quebec, Canada, reported that 25 percent of auto accidents in the United States were caused by the use of mobile phones to talk while driving in the Feb. 4, 2014, edition of the British Medical Journal.

Pless argues that texting is a larger problem due to the involvement of vision in texting, but contends that talking on the phone while driving is just as dangerous and distracting.

While the researchers admit that “convincing causal associations are notoriously difficult to determine, particularly in this area” they contend that the increasing number of cell phones makes the need for public awareness of the danger of talking and driving imperative. Continue reading…

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Car-to-car Radio Communication

The US Department of Transportation would like the development of technology that would allow cars to communicate with one another. The short-range radio system would help prevent accidents. The government plans to establish the rules and standards for the system.

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Read more from LATimes:

The Department of Transportation will push the development of a short-range radio system aimed at stopping crashes by allowing cars to exchange basic facts about speed and direction to other vehicles as fast at 10 times a second.

Called vehicle-to-vehicle communications, such a system would give vehicles the ability to warn drivers of potential dangers as far as 300 yards away.

The technology could be linked to safety systems already in some vehicles that automatically trigger the brakes or make steering adjustments to stop collisions. Continue reading…

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Lose your weight while keeping your health intact

30 January 2014 in General

This is the modern time of world when every person is very conscious about his/her looks and appearance. Everyone wants to look the best and perfect. The first and most important thing in the regard of having a good appearance is to have a proper maintained body shape. In order to get praises f everyone about your looks, all you need is a good body shape along with a good weight of your body. Too bulky and too skinny people are both at the extremes of weight. These extremes are never appreciated in the public.

Weight of your body is actually the second priority of a person the first priority should always be the health of a person. Without good heath, body weight does not matter much. If you are healthy, no one notices your weight because all their focus is on your well maintained health. However it is also true that your health is directly related to your body weight. This is the reason why majority of people try to lose their body weight to get proper health and fitness and bring their body in roper shape. Losing weight is the best way for overweighed people to bring their bodies in their desired perfect shape without losing health.garcinia cambogia

It is a very common misconception that in order to lose weight one has to quit eating any kind of food. Leaving food never helps you in losing weight. It only makes you weak and fragile and you lose all your health. Thus, when you decide to lose weight you must never leave eating food. However, the amount of food can be reduced a bit as well as improving the quality of food. So, to lose weight all you need is to eat normal and eat healthy. This is one most important key to health.



Medical Marijuana News

27 December 2013 in General

Medical Marijuana Denied For Tourette’s Patient

Both the patient and the doctor are frustrated that they cannot get medical marijuana. The patient suffers from Tourette’s syndrome. Petitions to get this disorder approved for the legalized drug have failed thus far.

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Read more from bangordailynews.com:

A doctor whose failed petition to have Tourette syndrome added to the state’s list of ailments that can be legally treated with medical marijuana said he’s so frustrated with the process that he’s reluctant to try again on behalf of his patients.

Dr. Dustin Sulak, who runs a practice called Integr8 Health and who is known as one of the state’s leading medical marijuana proponents, said he learned earlier this week that the Department of Health and Human Services has denied his request. Sulak is part of a panel of doctors responsible for making recommendations to DHHS Commissioner Mary Mayhew on the 1999 medical marijuana law and the subsequent 2009 Maine Medical Marijuana Act. Continue reading…

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Momentum For Medical Marijuana In Florida

The push to legalize medical marijuana has intensified in Florida recently. A petition has been passed around successfully. It will now be put on the voting ballot deadline in February.


Read more from myfoxtampabay.com:

The push for medical marijuana is taking off in Florida. The campaign needs around 683,000 valid signatures to get on the ballot, and it had nearly 700,000 petitions last week.

The campaign knows a lot of petitions get thrown out because signatures don’t match, so they’re trying to collect as many as they can by the February deadline.

And if the question gets on the ballot, polls show it has a good chance of passing. A Tampa Bay Times poll conducted last week shows 68 percent of people support medical marijuana. Only around 1 in 4 opposes it. Continue reading…

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Obesity and Injuries in Children

8 December 2013 in General

A new study suggests that overweight kids may be at a higher risk of sports injuries. The kids were more likely to sustain lower body injuries. This may be due to the extra weight being supported by their legs.


Read more from Reuters:

Exercise can help overweight kids slim down, but a new study suggests they might be at risk for leg, ankle and foot injuries in the process.

That could be because their legs are supporting extra weight, researchers said.

The finding makes sense intuitively, but there had not been conclusive, thorough studies done among children before, lead author Eva Jespersen said. Continue reading…

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Mosquito News

15 October 2013 in General

Mosquito Fossil Found In Montana

It is very rare to find a fossil of a blood-filled mosquito. But over 46 billion years ago, a mosquito bit some prehistoric animal, and now it has been found. It is the only fossilized mosquito of its kind.

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Read more from NBC News:

About 46 million years ago, a mosquito sunk its proboscis into some animal, perhaps a bird or a mammal, and filled up on a meal of blood. Then its luck turned for the worse, as it fell into a lake and sunk to the bottom.

Normally this wouldn’t be newsworthy, and nobody would likely know or care about a long-dead insect in what is now northwest Montana. But somehow, the mosquito didn’t immediately decompose — a fortuitous turn of events for modern-day scientists — and became fossilized over the course of many years, said Dale Greenwalt, a researcher at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. Greenwalt discovered the mosquito fossil after it was given to the museum as a gift, and he immediately realized the specimen’s rarity. Continue reading…

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Gene-altered Mosquitos Subject of Debate

Scientists have engineered gene-altered mosquitos to combat dengue fever. These Frankentstein-ish bugs are being tested in a few countries, including Panama. Dengue fever affects 50-100 million people each year and is a very excruciating illness.

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Read more from sacbee.com:

They’re gene-altered mosquitoes, and Panama is among a growing list of countries that are testing to see whether they have a place in the public health arsenal in the war against mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue fever.

Dengue, which isn’t well-known outside tropical regions, is on the rise worldwide, with outbreaks reported this year in Texas and Florida. The mosquito that carries the dengue virus has spread to 100 countries and potentially exposes 2.5 billion people to the excruciating disease, also known as bonebreak fever. Some 50 million to 100 million people contract dengue each year, of which about 25,000 die, the World Health Organization reports.

“A person with dengue will be prostrate for several days,” said Dr. Carlos Galvez, the head epidemiologist for Panama’s Health Ministry. “They grow dehydrated very fast. In a matter of hours, the cases can grow more complicated.” Continue reading…

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Controlling Mosquitos and Dengue Fever

Dengue is a deadly mosquito-born viral illness. Between 50 and 100 million people are infected with this illness each year. One very fit and active man, for instance, contracted dengue when mosquitos found their way into his bedroom while he was sleeping.

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Read more from philstar.com:

The statistics are enough to scare us to death: Dengue (the deadly mosquito-borne viral infection) cases have grown dramatically over the decades. Almost half of the world’s population is at risk from dengue. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are 50-100 million dengue infections worldwide every year.

No one is spared from this nightmare of a scourge. Not even one who lives a totally healthy lifestyle. Like Angelo Songco of Sugarleaf (an organic market-cum-café), who’s most passionate about health and fitness. He just survived a bruising battle with dengue and here, he shares his scary story.

How did Angelo get dengue?

I guess you can say it came like a thief in the night. “ The mosquitoes at home somehow found their way into my bedroom!,” he laments. “So it’s important to check for holes or gaps in your window screens.  Do not wait to get dengue as it’s the most unpleasant feeling ever!”  Continue reading…

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Wichita Falls Still Fighting Mosquitos

Thanks to unseasonably warm weather, mosquito control experts are working longer and harder this year in Wichita Falls. Mosquito season in the area typically lasts until October 1, but the bloodsuckers are still out in force. The problem now is that the seasonal workers have moved on to other jobs now.

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Read more from texomashomepage.com:
High temperatures are causing Wichita Falls mosquito crews to continue battling the blood suckers longer than they typically do this time of year.
Health officials say the city starts hiring workers in march to help treat areas of town to help control the population of the annoying insects.
They say mosquito season typically ends by October 1st.
However, officials say temperatures have not dropped enough to kill them off so mosquito season continues.
Unfortunately, health officials say many of the vector control crews hired in March are now off the job. Continue reading…

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Mosquito Season News

26 September 2013 in General

Effective Mosquito Repelling

Many people hate mosquitos; in fact, most people do. There are a lot of products on the market that promise to deliver in the mosquito repellent department. There is a new product that actually appears to work, however: Bite-Lite Mosquito Repelling Candles.

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Read more from mysanantonio.com:

The sounds of mosquito repellents being applied all across the city have become almost the theme song to summer and early fall: the classic “Fshhhh … ” from the can and “psht, psht … ” of the spray bottle.

Now, I am one of those people — the super-sensitive paranoid person at an outdoor affair hanging around the perimeter, trying to be discreet when I scratch.

Mosquitoes love me. And by “love” I mean they swarm to me like so many college kids at an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet.

Lawn sprays? Nothing.

Citronella? Zilch.

Those little blue fans? They work on every part of the body facing and above the fan; everything else is fair game to mosquitoes. Continue reading…

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Mosquitos Bring Dengue Fever To Florida

This is the second time this year that dengue fever has shown up in Florida. Dengue fever is spread by mosquitos and had been all but eradicated from the US until recently. Officials are suspending blood donations until the outbreak is under control.

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Read more from psmag.com:

For the second time this year, health departments in Florida and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) are reporting cases of dengue fever. Dengue, which is spread by mosquitoes, was, until recently, all but eradicated in the United States. Back in March a slew of new cases in Florida worried local health officials, but subsided. Then, earlier this month, more new cases showed up, and the number is growing. The latest outbreak has caused county officials in southern Florida to suspend blood donations. That could create a knock-on effect for the area’s entire health system.

Why is this happening? Last year a team from Texas Tech University tried to figure out why “breakbone fever” had started to flare up again. Continue reading…

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County To Spray For Mosquitos

Camden County has decided to spray for mosquitos. County officials are asking residents to look around their homes for any standing water and to remove it. This will help keep the mosquito population from growing.

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Read more from sj.sunne.ws:

Now that the state has confirmed four cases of West Nile Virus in Camden County it is even more important for residents to be vigilant about eliminating standing water from their properties.

“We shouldn’t let our guard down in our fight against mosquitos just because the weather is turning cooler,” said Freeholder Jeffrey Nash, liaison to the Camden County Mosquito Commission. “I want emphasize how important it is for residents to do everything possible to ensure yards are not ideal areas for mosquitoes.”

The mosquito spray is not harmful to humans or pets, but you should avoid direct contact if you have respiratory concerns or are sensitive to irritants. Continue reading…

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No More EEE Or West Nile In Providence

Mosquito traps in the Providence, RI area are no longer testing positive for EEE or West Nile virus. Traps had tested positive for the mosquito-borne illnesses as recently as September 9. Seven total mosquito traps in the county have tested positive for disease this season.

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Read more from providencejournal.com:

No further traces of Eastern Equine Encephalitis or West Nile Virus have turned up in recent mosquito traps, the state Department of Environmental Management said Thursday.

DEM and the state Department Health announced last week that both diseases were confirmed in samples of mosquitoes collected on Sept. 9. Test results from one mosquito pool, or sample, from a trap set in Exeter were confirmed positive for Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE), and three mosquito pools from traps set in Providence, East Providence and North Kingstown were confirmed positive for West Nile Virus (WNV). Continue reading…

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Ants Making News

11 September 2013 in General

Host Ants and Their Mercenaries

Megalomyrmex symmetochus is a species of ant that acts as a mercenary arm for its host  – the Sericomyrmex amabilis. The mercernary ants fight with chemical warfare, but they don’t leave their hosts alone – they mutilate the female ants and kill the babies. But the hosts keep them around to protect them from predators.

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Read more from latimes.com:

The outsiders arrive at a stranger’s home with lethal chemical weapons, eat the host’s food, kill its children and mutilate the adult females. And yet the host, the Costa Rican ant Sericomyrmex amabilis, is pretty simpatico with the arrangement: It goes along, gets along and survives over the long haul.

There has to be something in the deal for the rather wimpy fungus-rearing host ant, which doesn’t have much of a venom and often quits the battlefield by playing dead.

Evolutionary biologist Rachelle M.M. Adams of the University of Copenhagen believes she knows what makes this social parasitism mutually beneficial. Continue reading…

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Man Battles With Dealership Over Ants In His Truck

A Georgia man bought a truck from a Nissan dealer, and the dealer had the truck brought up from another site in Florida. The man says the truck came to him infested with ants, which he has not been able to eradicate. The dealership has met with the man and has treated the truck itself, but is now saying it has done all it can for the man.

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Read more from a local NBC News affiliate:

Josh Wise bought the Titan crew cab at the end of May for more than $42,000. The dealership had it brought up from another site in Florida.

Wise visited the site taking videos he says shows ant mounds around the property. But Nissan says none of them are the ghost ant, the species found in Wise’s car.

Wise says he would give it up for a new truck in a heartbeat.

Wise says instead, Nalley Nissan showed his truck to a pest control company to get their advice. Wise was not allowed to be in the room during the inspection. He knows they took off the paneling they could without damaging the vehicle, but couldn’t get to the queen. Continue reading…

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Sharing Your Photos

27 August 2013 in General

Facebook Announces New Photo Feature

Facebook just launched a new feature to its site: shared photo albums. The albums make their debut in English-speaking Facebook land today. They allow 200 photos per album and can have multiple contributors. The creator of the album acts as the administrator.

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Read more from venturebeat.com:

So, you started an app for collaborative photo albums. You tried to tell us it was different because it was private, or centered around events or locations, or automatically identified friends’ faces.

Again and again, we warned y’all that Facebook, owner of all photos of people on the Internet and the most popular mobile photo app, was going to crush you eventually.

Well, starting today, you’re like a 40-year-old Pinto at a monster truck rally: tire-fodder.

To put it in simpler language, Facebook has launched shared photo albums. The feature was a hackathon project that a couple of engineers created. Continue reading…

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Sharing Photos On Facebook

Facebook just launched shared photo albums, which allow up to 50 Facebook users to add photos to a single album. This feature is great for shared events that people want to share pictures from. The process only requires a few extra steps than creating a “normal” album.

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Read more from mashable.com:
You just got married (congratulations!), and want to see all of the wonderful wedding photos that were captured while you were busy saying “I do.” Well, you no longer need to visit the Facebook pages of each attendee to view the pictures they took. Instead, simply create a shared photo album on Facebook.

On Monday, the social-network giant announced the new feature, which lets up to 50 users contribute pictures to the same album (this does not apply to albums for Pages).

How do you set up a shared album? It’s actually quite simple, and only requires a few extra steps. Continue reading…

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Heartwarming Photo Goes Viral

A photo has gone viral on Facebook. At first look, you may not be able to tell why, but if you look closer you’ll see that the couple is special. The woman in the picture is giving her marine husband a piggyback ride. His legs were amputated after an accident while he was serving in Afghanistan.


Read more from ABC News:

At first glance, Jesse and Kelly Cottle, of San Diego, Calif., look like any cute couple in love.

But take a closer look at this photo of Kelly giving husband Jesse, a marine and double-amputee, a piggyback ride, and it’s clear to see why the picture has gone wildly viral.

Jesse, 28, lost both of his legs in Afghanistan in 2009 after stepping on an IED, which was all caught on video by a fellow marine wearing a helmet camera.

The footage was even used in a documentary about Jesse called “Coming Home.”

“If I hadn’t stepped on that IED I wouldn’t have met her,” Jesse told ABC News. “I wouldn’t take it back ever.” Continue reading…

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Impact Of Detroit Bankruptcy

12 August 2013 in General

Earning Tax Major Factor In Detroit Bankruptcy

The earning tax in Detroit had a great impact in the city’s financial decline. It pushed high-earning workers to find work elsewhere. Tax incentives in the suburbs provided better options. Detroit, therefore, is a good example of why municipalities need to reconsider their earning tax laws.

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Read more from Forbes.com:

The ill-conceived economic policies and real leadership vacuum, locally and at the state level, set the stage for Detroit’s failure, ultimately bringing this iconic American city to its knees.  If it can happen in Detroit, we now ask, what other U.S. cities may be facing the same fiscal disaster? Chicago? Philadelphia? New York?

Recently Dave Helling of the Kansas City Star looked at the variables at play in Motor City’s economic collapse as a point of comparison for Kansas City, Mo. His conclusion? Detroit’s earnings tax structure may have been a key factor in its loss of high wage earners. According to Helling, the tax incentive for workers to move to the suburbs has led to a “vicious cycle of collapse.” From 2000-2010, the metro areas with the largest declines in population (excluding New Orleans, post Hurricane Katrina) were Detroit (-25%), Cleveland (-17%), Cincinnati (-10%), Pittsburgh (-8%), and St. Louis (-8%). Each of these aforementioned cities have an earnings tax. Continue reading…

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The Future Of Pensions And Benefits Not Good In Detroit

Retired public employees in Michigan have been set up well with strong pensions and secure benefits. But that may not be the case for current employees in the state, considering Detroit’s bankruptcy. The promise of good care after serving as a public employee may be something that belongs to the olden days.

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Read more from Bloomberg.com:

There’s a made-in-Michigan quality to Art Reyes, a third-generation autoworker with a pension, retiree health benefits and income that enabled him to send three of his four children to college.

He’s a product of the old Michigan, which gave birth to organized labor, worker protections and wages that propelled the middle class. That Michigan is almost gone. Now overseeing the nation’s largest municipal bankruptcy in Detroit, the state is at the forefront again, this time playing host to the unraveling of the homemade fabric that cloaked and comforted working families for generations.

“I’m literally one of the last at my facility to have a defined pension and health care as a retiree,” said Reyes, 45, a General Motors Co. employee and president of UAW Local 651 in Flint. His unit has 800 members, down from 9,000 when he joined in 1991. Continue reading…

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NY Talking Bankruptcy After Detroit

New York is in a lot of financial trouble and has been listening carefully to Detroit’s bankruptcy proceedings. Lawmakers in the state have been debating the topic fiercely. No one wants to take the blame for the current financial issues, but changes need to be made to avoid bigger ones in the future.

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Read more from timesunion.com:

New York’s political class has been wrestling with what to do since Detroit filed for federal bankruptcy protection. Finger-pointing and more debt have been the response. The higher you go in the hierarchy, the easier it is to see the fear and denial.

The problem, it is said, is the result of local mismanagement and overspending. Mayors need to restructure and stop asking for handouts. And the state will step in and lend them money to cover current operating expenses — or “pension smoothing” and “spin-ups” in Albanyspeak).

This is just plain wrong, and will worsen the eventual municipal crisises. But it’s understandable. No one in power wants to take ownership of a problem that will require layoffs, school closures, tax increases, service cuts and angry constituents. No one runs for statewide office hoping to oversee the unraveling of our system of municipal finance. Continue reading…

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Sprint Connects To NYC Subway System

27 July 2013 in General

Sprint is the latest phone carrier to connect to the subway system in New York. The join AT&T and T-Mobile in their deals with Transit Wireless. Sprint plans to have service in 36 stations by next year, and then eventually to have coverage throughout all 277 stations.

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Read more from NJ.com:

Sprint Corp. becomes the latest mobile phone carrier to offer service in the New York City subway system, Bloomberg News reported today.

Sprint joins AT&T and T-Mobile, which already struck deals with Transit Wireless. Sprint will have service in 36 stations in the Midtown and Chelsea neighborhoods by early next year, Bloomberg reported, and eventually in all 277 underground stations.

Verizon Wireless has said it is working on a deal. Continue reading…